Dell Wyse R90L, 4GF/2GR, XPE, 909537-21L

<font color="0066CC">Dell Wyse</font> R90L, 4GF/2GR, XPE, 909537-21L
Item# 909537-21L

Product Description

Best Power, Expandability and Display Performance.

Created with power and performance in mind, the new Wyse R90L thin client joins the uniquely integrated range of Wyse Thin Computing hardware and software solutions.

The new Wyse R90L thin client features high performance central and graphics processors coupled with full support for multiple screens, and the best PC experience available on a thin computing platform with Wyse TCX software.

Wyse Device Manager supports the Wyse R90L thin client with scalable enterprise-wide management including simple deployment, patching and updates and asset management - all with secure end-to-end encrypted communications.

Finally, the Wyse R90L thin client contributes – quietly and coolly – to lowering your organization’s carbon footprint, with power usage and emissions that are a fraction of traditional PC desktops.

Unit includes: Keyboard, Mouse, and Power Adapter


  • Advanced new generation ATI 690E graphics and AMD Sempron central processors for class-leading computing and graphics performance.

  • Featuring future proof connectivity with two DVI outputs and fast 802.11n WiFi.

Mounting options
  • The Wyse R class family can be sited vertically or horizontally on desktops, and even fitted to walls and behind monitors.

  • Wyse R class thin computers use between 12 and 15 watts of power in typical use - less than its nearest rival, saving critical carbon output and vital budget.

OS and Application Provisioning
  • Full integration with Wyse WSM provisioning software with the Wyse R00L and R00LE.

Microsoft Windows XPe
  • This robust and flexible operating system is further enhanced by the Wyse file-based Write Filter that enables you to protect the file system image from accidental changes or user customization.

Alternate Views

RL Vertical ViewRL Back ViewRL Horizontal View

Technical Specifications:
Fact Sheet
Quick-Start Guide
Windows XPE

  • 1GHz AMD Sempron Processor
  • Memory
  • 4 GB Flash / 2 GB Ram
  • I/O Peripheral Support
  • One DVI-I Port
  • One DVI-D Port
  • Two PS/2 ports
  • Two serial ports
  • Six External USB 2.0 ports (2 front; 4 back)
  • One Mic In
  • One Line Out
  • Networking
  • 10/100/1000 Base-T Gigabit Ethernet
  • 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 2.0 (optional)
  • Display Support
  • VESA monitor support with Display Data Control (DDC) for automatic setting of resolution and refresh rate
  • Dual monitor supported
  • Single: 2560X1600 32 bits 60Hz
  • Dual (24 bits): 2560X1600 16 bits 60Hz
  • Dual (32 bits): 1920X1200 32 bits 60Hz
  • Audio
  • Out: 1/8-inch mini, 16-bit stereo. Internal Mono speaker.
  • In: 1/8-inch mini, 8-bit microphone.
  • Warranty
  • Three-year limited hardware warranty

  • Accessories

    <font color="0066CC">Dell Wyse</font> Keyboard, EPC, PS2, Black, 770413-01L
    Wyse Keyboard that is compatible with models:

    C-Class, V-Class, R-Class.

    Alternate Part Number 770407-01
    <font color="0066CC">Dell Wyse</font> Mouse, PS2, 3 Button, Optical, Black, 770510-21L
    Mouse that is compatible with all Wyse Models.

    Alternate Part #770510-13L

    Alternate Views

    E Class Back ViewE Class Left ViewE Class Left ViewE Class Left View
    <font color="0066CC">Dell Wyse</font> Power Adapter 773000-31L / 59826
    Power adapter for the X Class, R Class, Z Class and D Class.

    Alternate Part:779110-01L 773000-11L 773000-01L

    Compatible with Power Cord:728553-01L
    <font color="0066CC">Dell Wyse</font> R class L Horizontal Foot 920312-01L
    For customers who wish to lay the R class L thin client on its side horizontally.

    Corresponding Mount Guide: 883916-01LA

    Use On: R10L R00L R50L R90L R90L7 R90LW
    <font color="0066CC">Dell Wyse</font> D-Class, R-Class, & Z-Class Wall Mount Bracket Kit 920315-01L
    For customers that want to mount their D-Class, R-Class, and Z-Class thin client on a wall, desk, monitor or under a workspace.

    Corresponding Mount Guide: 883917-01A
    <font color="0066CC">Dell Wyse</font> Dipoledipole Antenna 770519-12L<br><font color="#571B7e">R, C, T, and Z Class</font>
    Compatible with all V, R, C, T, and Z Class Models

    Alternate Part # 770519-01L
    <font color="0066CC">Dell Wyse</font> Cable Wireless Antenna 941439-11L<br><font color="#571B7e">R Class</font>
    Compatible with all R Class