Integrated Services Inc.(ISI) White MC5

Integrated Services Inc.(ISI) White MC5
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Product Description

Integrated Services Inc.(ISI) White MC5
The Link MC5 is the most advanced "multiple concept" display terminal and has some very visible differences. It offers high performance, plus ergonomics that are easy on the eyes. At a price that's very easy on the budget. The Link MC5's improved features includes a flat profile screen to reduce glare, overscanned video to eliminate distracting dark borders, extra fast 78 Hz refresh rate to eliminate screen flicker, contrast and brightness controls located on the front panel for easy access: Ergonomics with a clear difference.

The MC5 also emulates ASCII (Wyse, TeleVideo, Zentec/ADM and ADDS); ANSI (DEC VT220/VT100/VT52); and PCTerm. The MC5 has interchangeable keyboards, a parallel printer port, and lets you communicate with any two hosts. Designed to keep functionality at its highest, and your overall system costs at their lowest. The Link MC5. Carrying on the tradition of high quality and flawless performance that you've come to expect from Link terminals. Value that's a step ahead of the competition. At a price that's a step below.

These terminals are designed specifically for ISI Systems

Keyboard sold separately

Technical Specifications:
Wyse's Link MC5 Spec Sheet


<font color="0066CC">Dell Wyse</font> Keyboard 901865-01 (Beige) <br> <font size="1">EPC Keyboard for General Purpose Terminals</font>
Dell Wyse Keyboard 901865-01 (Beige)
EPC Keyboard for General Purpose Terminals
This item is currently out of stock!