Netier XL1000
Brand New

Netier XL1000<br><font color="#571B7e">Brand New</font>
Item# 902004-28

Product Description

Netier XL1000<br><font color="#571B7e">Brand New</font>
The Netier NetXpress XL1000 is a local booting thin client with either a 32 MB or 48 MB M-Systems DiskOnChip pre-loaded with Windows NT Embedded. The XL1000 offers users the ease and familiarity of a Windows operating system without the management hassles of a PC computer. These refurbished units have several connecton clients allowing easy access to Unix, AS/400, and Microsoft networks, all at a much lower total cost of ownership than a PC.

Unit includes: Keyboard, Mouse, and Power Adapter

Technical Specifications:
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Processor AMD K6 250 MHz CPU
I/O Peripheral Support One Serial Port
Two USB Ports
One Parallel Port
VGA Type Video Output (DB-15)
Enhanced PS/2 keyboard with Windows keys
PS/2 mouse included.
Networking 10/100 Base-T Fast Ethernet twisted pair (RJ-45)
Display Support Trident CBi7 North bridge controller with integrated AGP video
Audio VIA VT82C686A South bridge controller iwth integrated SoundBlaster Pro Audio
Warranty One-year limited warranty