Software Overview

Cloud Software

  • Wyse EMM  Wyse Cloud Hosted Software that enables Mobile Device Management for iOS and Android
  • Wyse Zero  Wyse Zero Engine software that drives the ultra-light Wyse ThinOS operating system
  • Wyse PocketCloud  Wyse software that allows iOS and Android mobile devices to access desktop files and applications remotely
  • Wyse WSM  Wyse server software that distributes and manages OS and application software to just a few or many thousands of cloud PCs

Management Software

  • Wyse Device Manager  Wyse enterprise-class server software that allows easy configuration and management of just a few to many thousands of Wyse thin clients
  • Wyse Configuration Manager  Wyse server software, allows full integration of Wyse Windows Embedded thin clients with Microsoft management platforms, including SCCM

Virtualization Software

  • Wyse TCX  Wyse software that resides on Wyse cloud clients to accelerate and enhance the user desktop experience.
  • Wyse Virtual Desktop Accelerator  Wyse software that resides on cloud clients. It accelerates traffic from server to cloud clients, even over lower-speed or long distance TCP connections.
  • Wyse PC Extender  Wyse software that resides on legacy PCs that enables them to act as diskless cloud clients to leverage existing PC investments.