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WT9450XE<br><font color="#571B7e">Brand New</font>
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Product Description

WT9450XE<br><font color="#571B7e">Brand New</font>
The Winterm 9450XE (WT9450XE) thin client can be customized with features such as multiple monitor support for financial service companies, healthcare, local browser support for call centers, local application support for retail, and enhanced security peripherals for government environments.

And because the Winterm 9450XE is built on Windows XP Embedded, it has enhanced support for wireless connectivity, greater security, and better manageability. You get a rich, built-in Internet browser, multimedia, and access to over 9000 peripherals, too. The expandable Winterm 9450XE chassis has serial, parallel, and two USB ports, a PCI slot, optional HD and an optional sidecar with CD-ROM and FDD bays.

Unit includes: Keyboard, Mouse, and Power Adapter

Technical Specifications:
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Memory 256 MB Flash / 256 MB Ram

Features Benefits
Microsoft Windows XP Embedded, Service Pack 2 Latest OS environment, vast peripheral and device driver support, ability to embed local apps
Local Windows XP desktop interface, also displays Windows desktops and applications via multiuser Windows NT and WIndows 2000, 2003, 2008 servers High availability (key application runs either on the server or locally)
Supports embedding of customer-selected local Windows 32-bit applications Delivers the flexiblity, performance, and power of the WIndows operating system
Supports latest RDP and ICA protocols Flexibility to choose optimal protocol
Built-in Microsoft Intenret Explorer 6.0 Direct web access, local JVM, Flash/Shockwave support, optional IE plug-ins
Optional hardware upgrades For customers who need local disk drive, modem, or expanded connectivity PCI cards
Microsoft MediaPlayer, on board AGP video and 3D sound optional Run multimedia applications at the desktop
Connects to any VESA standard monitor Connect to any standard monitor
10/100 Base-T Fast Ethernet with Wake-on-Lan, 1 serial, 1 parallel, and 2 USB ports, PCI slot, integrated Wi-Fi 802.11b option Fast LAN/WAN connectivity, robust peripheral support, optional expansion capabilities
Remote management and configuration through Wyse Device Manager administrative software "Visit-free" management, upgrades, and configuration from administrator's console


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