Dell Wyse Power Adapter 770375-05

<font color="0066CC">Dell Wyse</font> Power Adapter 770375-05
Item# 770375-05

Product Description

Wyse Power Adapter that is compatible with models:

S10, S30, S50, S90
WT1125SE, WT3125SE
WT3150SE, WT5125SE
WT5150SE, WT9150SE

Alternate Part Number: DSA-0421S-12


<font color="0066CC">Dell Wyse</font> Power Cord 728553-01L
2.5A / 125V

Compatible with power adapters:

770375-01, 770375-01L, 770375-03,
770375-03L, 770375-05, 779110-01L,
773000-01L, 773000-11L, 770375-11L,
770375-13L, 770375-31L, 773001-01L,
773002-01L, 770375-24L, 728553-01L