Dell Wyse WY520ES White

<font color="0066CC"> Dell Wyse</font> WY520ES White
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Product Description

<font color="0066CC"> Dell Wyse</font> WY520ES White
The WY-520 has the most comprehensive set of ANSI personalities, including DEC PCTerm, VT420, VT320 and the popular WY-85. Additionally, the WY-520 has a WY-60 native mode, a Wyse PCTerm mode and a UNIX Console mode. The WY-520 offers both DB-25 and DEC-compatible connectors. The WY-520 can run dual terminal sessions from two different host computers or from a single host using the DEC Session Support Utility (SSU) or TD/SMP on a terminal server. Sessions can be simultaneously displayed on a split screen or on separate full screens. It's easy to switch or configure sessions via the keyboard with the pull-down window-based setup menu. There is also a dedicated printer port; printing is still available even with dual hosts.

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Technical Specifications:
Detailed Specs

Processor 15MHz 8032 Microprocessor
Memory 96KB high-speed static RAM
Video Up to 6 pages screen memory
Warranty One-year limited warranty


<font color="0066CC">Dell Wyse</font> Keyboard 901879-01 (Beige) <br> <font size="1">ANSI Keyboard for General Purpose Terminals</font>
This is a keyboard that is compatible with All General Purpose Terminals.

It is an alternate keyboard for Part Numbers: 840366-01, 840338-09, 841018-04
Dell Wyse Keyboard 901879-01 (Beige)
ANSI Keyboard for General Purpose Terminals