McDonald's WY55 Kitchen to Video System (KVS) Monitor

McDonald's WY55 Kitchen to Video System (KVS) Monitor
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Product Description

McDonald's WY55 Kitchen to Video System (KVS) Monitor
The WY-55 and WY-55ES multi-personality general purpose display terminals provide users with a rich feature set, reliable design and affordable price, further enhancing Wyse's leadership in ASCII/ANSI/PCTerm terminals. In addition, the complete WY-50 compatibility makes the WY-55 and WY-55ES the perfect successors for the WY-50.

These terminals are designed specifically for McDonalds Restaurants. They are the Kitchen to Video System (KVS) Monitors. Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions regarding these.

Keyboard sold separately

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Technical Specifications:
Detailed Specs

Processor 14.746 MHz 8032 microcontroller
Memory 24KB high-speed static CMOS RAM (includes two 8KB lithium battery-backed RAMs)
Video Up to 7 pages of display memory
Warranty One-year limited warranty


<font color="0066CC">Dell Wyse</font> Keyboard 901865-01 (Beige) <br> <font size="1">EPC Keyboard for General Purpose Terminals</font>
Dell Wyse Keyboard 901865-01 (Beige)
EPC Keyboard for General Purpose Terminals
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