Dell Wyse WY60 Green

<font color="0066CC"> Dell Wyse</font> WY60 Green <br><font color="#4CC417">Refurbished</font>
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Product Description

The WY-60 represents Wyse's most powerful, versatile, and user-friendly terminal designed to meet existing and emerging needs in the ASCII/ANSI/PC terminal markets.

Exceptional Design

Users will appreciate the WY-60's high-resolution character cell for exceptionally crisp characters. The WY-60 has the same superior keyboard touch and layout that users have come to expect from Wyse. Plus, a choice of green, and paper-white phosphors is available.

Sets The Standard

Systems integrators and VARs will value the powerful features available for emerging markets. The WY-60's high-quality, dynamic-focus display is extremely sharp, plus it offers 44-line capability to display more of a spreadsheet or document. Users have a choice of WY-60 ASCII, and IBM Enhanced PC keyboards. Other key features include WyseWorks, a built-in clock/alarm, calender, calculator, and ASCII table combination; selectable hidden or non- hidden attributes; double-high/wide capability for maximum screen display impact; up to seven pages of screen memory for more local editing capability; soft font to create any character set; an enhanced set-up menu; and user- programmable label line, function, and edit keys. The list goes on and on.

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Technical Specifications:
Detailed Specs


<font color="0066CC">Dell Wyse</font> Keyboard 901865-01 (Beige) <br> <font size="1">EPC Keyboard for General Purpose Terminals</font>
This keyboard is compatible with All General Purpose Terminals.

It is also the alternate keyboard for Part Number 840358-01.

A Refurbished version is available here.
Dell Wyse Keyboard 901865-01 (Beige)
EPC Keyboard for General Purpose Terminals
This item is currently out of stock!