Z90Q7P 2 Serial 1 Parallel WES7P Refurbished

Z90Q7P 2 Serial 1 Parallel WES7P Refurbished
Item# 909810-51LRefurbished

Product Description

The Dell Wyse 7490 Z90Q7P is a quad core high-performance Windows Embedded Standard 7 Pro thin client for virtual desktop environment.

It's fast. At the heart of the Wyse Z90 lies the engine, where all the major system elements - CPU cores, vector engines, and a unified video decoder for HD decoding tasks - live on the same piece of silicon. This design concept eliminates one of the fundamental constraints that limit performance. Whether you want the best 2D or 3D graphics, HD video, or the ability to embed custom Windows applications that execute right on the Z90, you'll have power to spare.